Hi, I'm Zac, the owner of K-9 to 5. Growing up in a small town in Alabama, I have been playing and taking care of animals since I was a wee lad. After moving to Chicago and adopting my furchild Booger, I knew that spending time outside with a dog is how I wanted to live my life. 

I've been cruising this great city for many years now and taking all sorts of pooches out for a stroll, as well as inviting them into my home. I would love the chance to meet more animal lovers and create a community of folks who care deeply about their furry family members. When I am not walking or managing this business, you can find me behind the camera making movies, playing with pups, and genuinely appreciating it all.

If we have the pleasure of sitting your dogs, then Marina has the greatest time with all of our guests at the Loyola Beach. She is a social worker, artist, animal lover, and is my partner in life. 


Katelyn is studying shiatsu therapy at Zen Shiatsu Chicago. She is passionate about holistic health and truly believes in the therapeutic benefits of animals’ warm hearts. She is thrilled to care for, love, and play with your four legged fur-baby!

Johann is a classical double bassist that hails from Johannesburg South Africa and currently works with multiple orchestras in Chicago. Johann's love for animals and the outdoors come from growing up on a farm in South Africa. Being passionate about living life to the fullest, exploring, learning and meeting new friends human and animal, makes dog walking a very rewarding experience for Johann. Johann continually learns from human's best friend and commits himself to being a close buddy to every pup.

Joseph recently moved to Chicago from Florida to pursue a degree in criminal justice. He is a passionate animal lover who has spent years taking care of animals. He grew up working with horses and large breed dogs. Joe is super outgoing and loves to be out doors exploring new neighborhoods. By taking life one step at a time with a canine pal, he appreciates every single day!

Eric has been living in this adventurous city with his fiance for the past 5 years. Originating from Florida, he's always enjoyed the outdoors and feels gratified by nature. Due to Eric's insatiable thirst for life and knowledge, he senses the infinite love that comes from every animal and feels so lucky and privileged to be a part of that same experience you share with your pets.

Jon is a jazz musician, a nature enthusiast and dog lover. After some time performing on a cruise ship, he's happy to have his paws on dry land. Jon has a lot of energy and an affinity for exercise and healthy living. If your dog wants to play, Jon's always game. If your dog wants to chill... He's cool with that too.

Liam has lived with dogs his entire life, and loves the places that you can go exploring with them. There’s no limit to the new things that you can learn and discover from animals, even in seemingly routine and ordinary situations. When you take the time to slow down and absorb your surroundings in new ways, while walking around the city in no particular hurry, it’s something he likes to call “Urban Hiking."

Jimmy is a tutor by night and dog walker by day. He is an outdoor enthusiast and spent years fly fish guiding in Wyoming. His favorite things in life are dogs, skateboarding and reubons!