Walking Prices

Monday through Friday 9-5 pm (based on our availability)

        25 minute visit-  $14.00
         35 minute visit-   $16.00
         45 minute visit-  $20.00
         60 minute visit-  $25.00

* All Prices are negotiable and can change based on your location and times of walks. For additional dogs, add         $5-$10 to walk prices (depending on needs). Extra charges for evening & weekend walks, as well as late cancellations.

    Prices for Overnight Care

    Have the comfort of knowing your dog is happy, socializing, and in a loving, insured, home environment!

    • Sits include 4, 25 minute walks, with lots of company and on sunny days- the beach!
    • Discounts for extended stays and although we prefer to have your dogs come to us, we are also happy to offer in-home care.
    • Daily updates with pictures
    • We can usually provide pick ups and drop offs

              1 Dog      $50 per night
              2 Dogs   $65 per night

      Cat Visits:

      We also love our feline friends! If you are going away on vacation or just need us to check in on your kitty, we offer companionship, litter cleaning, food and water refreshers, for $25 a visit.